My Story

Hello Everyone, I would like to intorduce myself.  My name is Stephanea Boyce, please call me Steph.  I am married and we have 2 children and 5 grand children.  I joined Scentsy to supplement my income in February, 2012 since joining the Scentsy Family I have discovered that so many people would be interested in the Scentsy products.  I love the products and I don't have to worry about having the scents going in the house as there is no flame and my grand children aren't constantly trying to blow the flame out on the candles like they did before I found Scentsy and I don't have to worry about them burning themselves with the flame or hot wax! As like most people I live on a limited income and the opportunity was presented to me and after doing some research I signed up and I love the different scents that I've smelled so far.  Yes it does take some networking and socialization to sell, so if you like to talk to people and want your home to smell AWESOME, come join my team and we will have fun earning and learning how to make money working your own hours.  I am my own best customer, I can't get enough of the scents and now with the Layers now available,,, You have to try the Sugar Cookie Hand Cream it smells like you are baking cookies everytime you smell your hands.  Everytime I open my email or my workstation I find something new that has come out or will be coming out. We now have Layers for Bath, Body and Laundry!!!! New this season are the MLB warmers, you've got to check them out!!!! So stop by take a look at the different items we have and at the same time make your home SMELL AWESOME!! Thanks for stopping buy and please feel free to contact me with any questions. God Bless and Happy Smelling!!!!  :) Steph Boyce <!--endbody-->